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Did you already know the new layout regions with document output control?

Layout regions and document output control...

...are new features, which contain more functionality as you may, at first, expect.

Keyword: Multi-page reporting

In the past, when you wanted to change the orientation from the first to the second page, this was only possible by splitting into two different reports. With the new function "Layout regions" this is no longer necessary.

Via "Project -> Page Setup" in NotesToPaper Setup you can create new layout regions and customize them to your individual requirements. 

To ensure quick and easy usage, the dialogue provides all import settings, which you need in order to solve the problems mentioned above. Just assign a particular printer to the layout, define the paper format, the orientation - that's all.

That way you can quickly and easily create reports containing a DIN A4 portrait format "invoice" and a DIN A6 landscape format "payment form".

Keyword: Duplicate

Also here you had to find a solution outside the report layout itself in the past, by executing the report a second time. With the new document output control it isn't necessary anymore to create the duplicate via lotus script.

Thanks to "Number of Issues" (2), all you have to do is to enter, how often the report is to be created internally. The combination of document output control and layout regions now also enables the users to insert any texts or graphics and link them to the desired copy - the IssueIndex() makes it possible. To be sure, which layout you are using at the moment, this is also displayed in the same dialogue (1).

We solve problems, quickly and simply - so reporting becomes more fun!

An example of this may be found in our sample database "NTP 7.0 Printer Sample".

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