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The technical features of NotesToPaper

The following list is only an excerpt of NotesToPapers complete functionality:

  • Visual layout editor with layers, objects and "drag&drop" support
  • Freely configurable Windows XP style UI
  • 11 Objects (e. g. tables, text, RichText, graphics, barcodes, charts, HTML, graphical elements (lines, ellipsoids, rectangles, OLE-object)
  • Object tree for a simplified selection of layout elements
  • Rulers with positioning lines and snap-to functionality for easy positioning
  • 3 view modes during design: layout, layout-preview and preview
  • Various zoom levels in the design mode
  • Precise positioning of objects via the position dialogue (in 0,1 mm steps)
  • Free positioning of text with formatting, fonts, colors and sizes
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment of objects and content
  • Unlimited number of page-sums, group-sums and totals
  • Unlimited number of fields, variables and user variables
  • 8 data types in fields and variables
  • Data filter to select report data or to supress unwanted empty lines
  • Data sort can be set independantly of Notes
  • User-defined lables or select from approx. 800 pre-defined formats
  • 150 data lines per table with display conditions
  • 100 groups with group headers and footers per table with display conditions
  • 100 headers and footers per table with display conditions
  • 8 different charts with up to 10 variations in 2D and 3D
  • 37 barcodes
  • Integrated macro language with approx. 100 functions
  • Assistants/wizards for the creation of formulae and conditions
  • Automatic syntax type ahead and highlighting
  • Date and character formatting
  • Intelligent context menu (right-click)
  • Individual display conditions for every object
  • Dynamic re-sizing of objects and adjustment to the paper size
  • Internal variables for paper size, format and print state
  • Page numbers including total number of pages
  • Unlimited layers with display conditions and color-coding
  • Report export to HTML, MHTML, RTF, XML, BMP, JPG, PDF, XLS and TXT
  • Bitmaps can be positioned in the background for precise form design
  • Realtime and realdata WYSIWYG preview with stepless zoom
  • Preview with thumbnails, printer selection and printer options
  • Printer for the first and the following pages can be set independently
  • Paper format, orientation and printer trays configurable
  • Layout templates can be saved in Notes and/or on the file system
  • Reports can be sent via Notes mail
  • Integration via LotusScript in every Notes application
  • Database independant reporting
  • Multiple use of templates in different applications
  • Freeware viewer to display and print reports
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • charting features by rows
  • preview files with a table of contents
  • PDF export: PDF/A – audit-proof archiving
  • original/ duplicate control
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