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NotesToPaper Designer

NotesToPaper Designer is the visual layout designer for NotesToPaper reports. This layout designer is part of NotesToPaper Setup where it is used to setup the basic report layout, but may also be integrated to any Lotus Notes application to allow report layouts to be edited by end-users from "within" Lotus Notes. A Notes developer will use NotesToPaper Setup to integrate the functionality NotesToPaper provides into any Lotus Notes application. The database developer will then use the designer license which is part of NotesToPaper Setup to create a basic report layout. This integration can then be used through NotesToPaper Print from within the Notes application.

NotesToPaper Print will execute a report (create a physical file) but will not allow the basic layout to be edited. In order to allow an end-user to not only execute reports, but to also be able to edit the report templates, the developer will integrate NotesToPaper Designer to that Notes application. The definition e.g. which user may edit which report is based on Lotus Script, which is the basis of any integration of NotesToPaper Developer.

The layout editor is used to define the layout of a report. This editor allows the visual composition of documents by using various objects:

  • (RTF-) text objects
  • Table objects
  • Line- / rectangle objects
  • Circle- / ellipsoid objects
  • Barcode objects
  • Graphics objects
  • Chart objects
  • HTML pages or code

Each object has a context menu that allows the setting of object properties. These may be font type, font size, font color, border properties, word wrap and many more. The center of the report creation is the table object which makes summaries and grouping possible. Headers and footers are also possible. A show / hide option can be defined for each object (and field), objects and fields can be placed on layers, thus allowing dynamic reports. In order to allow for fast report creation, the designer is drag & drop enabled and offers context sensitive menus. The report design is completely visualized, as is Windows standard.

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