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No restrictions through Lotus Notes:CORDES & GRAEFE draws on the full potential of NotesToPaper

Customer orders, addresses, applications, invoices - many companies have to deal with a flood of data that needs to be viewed and processed. Database systems such as Lotus Notes, which have become indispensable for companies, are used to manage this data. But as good as the data management is, the possibilities to create reports from Lotus Notes or print them are limited. Especially in printing, it is almost impossible to adhere to the CI of a company. The problems that arise in the presentation of the data unnecessarily complicate work processes. In order to be able to use the advantages of Lotus Notes to the full and at the same time not to be subject to any restrictions in presentation and printing, the German building services wholesaler CORDES & GRAEFE has for some years relied on a software which considerably simplifies the maintenance of important data and brings along a cost saving which should not be underestimated.

CORDES & GRAEFE KG is represented throughout Germany with more than 100 personally managed building services wholesalers and offers a uniform service for the entire building services. However, a well-organised regional connection to all partner houses is essential for the smooth processing of all business. A large amount of data that needs to be processed quickly comes together. "We have a questionnaire with 120 questions to check our partners in the house check", reports Jan-Michael Lyssy, responsible for the DP organisation at CORDES & GRAEFE. "The results are later converted into reports for quality management. This works excellently with NotesToPaper".

For more than five years SoftVision's software has been used by the market leader for building services. "We had a requirement and could not find any comparable software," remembers Jan-Michael Lyssy. In addition to the creation of reports during house checks, the software is also used for in-house training with more than 2000 participants. "This starts with the participant lists, continues with hotel bookings and ends with the printing of the certificates," explains Lyssy. The maintenance of the data is much easier with Lotus Notes than with the spreadsheet program Excel, which was previously used by CORDES & GREAFE and where all data had to be entered and evaluated manually.


Away from the restriction

With NotesToPaper it is possible to make the printing of Notes files more flexible. While external tools have to be used to extend the output options without using the program, the server-based solution is integrated into the existing Notes application and can access the desired data at any time if required. This is an enormous relief for the user, as the workflow with Lotus Notes does not have to be interrupted to switch to external programs. In this way, a report can easily be created from the data, flexibly designed and printed. "We wanted to get away from the restrictions imposed by Lotus Notes. NotesToPaper has therefore become an important building block for us", says Lyssy.

Very easy operation

Training was not necessary at CORDES & GRAEFE. "That is the nice thing about NotesToPaper - the program runs in the background. Everything is fully automatic," explains Lyssy. This is why the workforce is so satisfied with the programme. In terms of handling, introduction and operation there have never been any problems. This is otherwise different, especially in this environment. "The operation is child's play," Lyssy points out. CORDES & GRAEFE will continue to rely on SoftVision software, explains Lyssy. Not least because they particularly appreciate the diverse and variable areas of application, which would allow every freedom, especially in printing. At the same time, the software is understandable and easy to integrate. At CORDES & GRAEFE they are therefore unanimous: "We are highly satisfied."

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