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Customer Waldmann Lichttechnik

Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG
Peter-Henlein-Strasse 5
D-78056 Villingen-Schwenningen

Additional information about Waldmann can be found at

Waldmann Lichttechnik is the world leader of luminaires for virtually every type of work place and industry. The product portfolio comprises complex lighting systems with integrated light management, work place luminaires for all industries and operational areas up to and including special luminaires and precision magnifiers for assembly and inspection. Over 200 standard luminaire models and over 2000 adapted versions are available. This product variety as well as the know-how and competence of the lighting specialists from Germany are the guarantee for the right light at the place of work for satisfied users and potential customers.

Waldmann Lichttechnik uses NotesToPaper within their corporation to automatically create data sheets for their products from within a Notes database. This database, contains the technical data of the luminaires, which in turn is maintained by the different departments within the corporation. This data is replicated to the various European subsidiaries, which can revert to the data in their respective national language.

As part of the internet strategy of Waldmann Lichttechnik a requirement arose, that a data sheets containing a photograph, engineering drawings and lighting specific technical graphs should be made available for every product. These data sheets will soon be available for download from the Waldmann Lichttechnik website.

NotesToPaper was selected to make these data sheets available. The creation of the data sheets is fully automated, i.e. if changes to the technical data of a luminaire are made, a new data sheet with the updated data is automatically created.

A short technical description of this process: Before a technical modification can be made in a luminaire document, the status has to be changed from ”released” to ”in revision”. This deletes the existing data sheet. Once the data was modified and the status is reset to released, a daily, scheduled agent, which creates the data sheet, exports it as a .PDF file and attaches it to the luminaire document. These data sheets are then distributed to the subsidiaries via Lotus Notes replication and are used by the sales departments.

Example reports taken from Waldmann's application: 

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