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NotesToPaper 9.0

General information

  • Properties can now be added to favorites
  • Preview animations for objects
  • Support for Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Facelift: Office 2013 Style for the NotesToPaper Designer - NotesToPaper adapts the menu as well as the general look to the user-friendly MS Office style.
  • Optimizations for multithreading operation for more performance and stability.
  • Conditional formatting in the designer
  • Multiple images in the preview are only inserted once into the preview file and referenced for the following occurrences. 
  • New object: Checkbox - The new checkobox object comes along with a variety of settings and allows you to easily generate questionnaires or order forms.
  • New buttons to select and deselect the selection in the function wizard
  • New option for the OLE container: Can now use formulas for its content.



  • New Barcodes: 2D Barcode MicroPDF417, 2D Barcode Codablock-F and new configurable version of QR Code


  • In PDF export, the font scale is not changed when the printer is using a distorted resolution
  • Improved PDF export by Type3 font support
  • Enhanced PNG rendering
  • New export formats: PPTX export, SVG export, Office Open XML, jQuery mobile
  • Improved export to MHTML (now uses XHTML)erbessertes PNG Rendering


Form control

  • New object: form control. The new feature allows you to design and deliver forms(e.g. acro forms) directly from your Lotus Notes applications.


  • New functions GetIniString (...) and GetRegistryString (...)
  • New function GS1Text $ ()
  • New function IBAN $
  • New optional parameter for the function CheckMod10 ()
  • SetVar has now a new optional third parameter

Tables, cross tables, and graphs

  •  New function: Transfer format for various objects and table cells
  • New properties "Group together" and "Keep data together" for tables
  • New property "Reset page count" for group header and report container subelement
  • Adjusting the column size when the number of columns is changed is now optional (Auto-MessageBox)
  • Cross tables now support multiple result cells, column and row cross references, auto-fill, top-N, and fold-out areas
  • New chart types: web / radar and treemap, shapefile, funnel, ring(donut)


  • For the X-axis for line, area and bubble diagrams, coordinate lines can now be defined.
  • New "Limit to" (Top-N-Report) option for bar graphs
  • New sorting options for the chart types circle / ring, bar / band, lines / symbols, areas and bubbles / points
  • The symbols used can now be individually selected in a symbol diagram
  • In the lines / symbols, areas and bubbles / points, you can now define different line styles and widths for coordinate lines.
  • Parameterized subreports (in fields, table rows, cross-tab cells, pie / funnel diagram, bar chart)
  • Advanced chart functions (mixing of bars and lines, aggregation with previous values, equalizer, etc.)
  • The "Objects" tool window now contains information from the "Report Structure"
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