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Customer Nolte Küchen

Nolte Küchen GmbH und Co. KG

Anni-Nolte-Strasse 4
32584 Löhne

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Crossing the boundaries of Domino applications: Nolte Küchen uses NotesToPaper from SoftVision for printing digital documents

The possibilities of common database systems are limited: Software like Lotus Notes or Domino have clear limits in the real world. Especially when it comes to printing digital documents, problems with formatting and readability occur time and again. The standardization of orders, business letters and invoices is not only indispensable for proper filing, but also makes life easier in everyday business life: A uniform design creates clarity and trust. Against this background, a well-known German kitchen brand was also looking for a solution that would format mails and files from Lotus Notes in a uniform way and make automated printing much easier.

"Quality is not a standard, but a process" - this is the guiding principle of the kitchen manufacturer Nolte Küchen from Löhne. The company was founded in 1958 and has grown to become the second largest kitchen manufacturer in Germany with 1,100 employees. "With such a large company, the IT department must also be constantly evolving," reports Stephan Jarchow, information technology specialist at Nolte Küchen since 2008, "this is the only way to cope with the enormous number of business letters and invoices that reach us every day. In order to save time during processing, the controlled and formatted output of data and the creation of electronic documents and reports is important. "IBM Notes Domino is a strategic mail and application platform at Nolte Küchen," says Jarchow, "so we were looking for a solution that could be integrated into the system. The company quickly came across NotesToPaper from SoftVision, a solution for formatting digital documents from Notes applications.

From the digital to the real world

With NotesToPaper electronic files are adapted to the requirements of the real world: The server-based solution, which is integrated directly into existing Notes applications, can access all data stored in Notes and any other data source accessible from Notes. "The solution thus makes further external applications superfluous," reports Stephan Jarchow enthusiastically. This not only saves time; a particular advantage is that the integration of the solution in Notes applications means that no further transfer of important data is required, thus avoiding the errors that occur during data transfer.

Easy implementation, friendly support

The solution is also easy to understand, says Jarchow. "The company SoftVision provides very good tutorials and an easy to understand description. The solution was almost self-explanatory," he says, "so we were able to dispense with training and start right away. This can also be confirmed by Jarchow's colleagues who are involved in the work with NotesToPaper. "And just in case there are problems, we are optimally supported by Marcus Fehl from SoftVision", Jarchow refers to the consultant responsible for error support.

NotesToPaper has been used by the company Nolte Küchen for over 10 years. They are so satisfied with the solution that they have recently started using another product of SoftVision: The solution n2pdf, which receives not only documents but also attached files such as pictures. Incoming orders in Lotus Notes are converted using n2pdf and automatically forwarded to the person in charge. With both solutions from SoftVision, standard programs in Lotus Notes are further developed, true to the principles of Nolte Küchen: Because quality simply goes beyond the standard.

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