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Case study NotesToPaper at JUMO GmbH & Co. KG, Fulda

JUMO GmbH & Co. KG
Moritz-Juchheim-Strasse 1
36039 Fulda, Germany

Process reliability through fluid information exchange

Automation company worldwide uses print application for Lotus Notes for controlled data output

When it comes to databases, Lotus Notes is the standard system for many companies worldwide. Nevertheless, some applications still require the use of external programs, which is the case for example with the output options: More than printing screen-oriented views is not possible directly from Notes. An enterprise from Hessen did not want to be satisfied with it, since one wanted to exchange internally with Notes generated information and to convert controlled into the PDF format. They found a tool that provides exactly these missing possibilities and works in the background without disturbing the workflow.

The JUMO GmbH & Co. KG from Fulda is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial sensor and automation technologies. What began over 60 years ago with the production of thermometers has expanded to a product range that covers the entire measuring chain. The devices and systems measure, control and register physical quantities in a wide range of industries and fields of activity: Whether temperature, pressure and liquid analyses or flow, level and humidity measurements - JUMO products are used worldwide. Six locations in Germany and additional agencies on all five continents ensure that customers are supplied with state-of-the-art solutions in terms of process reliability, energy efficiency and cost optimization from a single source. In doing so, the company guarantees quality and comprehensive service, for which the internal processes must also run smoothly. To support this, software is used to facilitate the exchange of information and reports within the company.

Preparing information at the push of a button

"We wanted to generate clean printouts from Lotus Notes in order to optimize the exchange of information internally," explains Karsten Röth, IT employee at JUMO. "The PDF creation should also be simplified, as we send various documents and reports to mobile devices for our sales representatives". During the search for suitable tools they came across a provider from the neighbourhood: the SoftVision Development GmbH, which is also located in Fulda. With the NotesToPaper software the limited printing possibilities of Lotus Notes can be overcome without having to interrupt the usual workflows by intermediate steps. "The tool runs in the background, so the user doesn't really notice much of it," says Mr. Röth. "The clarity which the program offers, in addition to its functions, was also a decisive argument for NotesToPaper".

As a printing tool NotesToPaper enables the formatted and controlled output of data on paper and the creation of electronic documents and reports. Users and developers can create printouts of, for example, forms, invoices or labels and generate electronic reports in various formats such as PDF, XML or DOC, thus overcoming the limited printing capabilities of Notes by using the tool directly in the Domino application. "Whether it's tables, correspondence or letters, we use the application to merge a wide variety of document types and can thus significantly reduce the time needed to search for information," says Mr. Röth. "Overall, we have little effort with the software, it runs smoothly from the beginning." Not only printing, but also the creation of PDFs is now possible at the push of a button. This is of particular benefit to field staff, who receive the documents in a uniform format on their mobile devices.

Quality that pays off

The international use of NotesToPaper is also no problem, among other things due to its multilingualism, as Mr. Röth confirms: "Our employees can access the functions of NotesToPaper worldwide. At all branches, operation after installation was quickly explained, so that the introduction went smoothly there as well". JUMO provides a total of 950 licenses via 50 Domino servers. This way all employees can benefit from the various features: The free positioning of objects and texts with formatting, data filters for selecting report data and layout templates that can be saved are just some of the functions that make data output from Notes much more convenient. The software can be easily integrated into any Notes application via LotusScript.

The smooth exchange of information saves time at JUMO, so that employees can concentrate on their core tasks. Information no longer has to be laboriously collected, but is available in a clean format. In addition, work processes are not interrupted by the use of external programs. Mr. Röth describes the cooperation with SoftVision as pleasant: "From the product presentation to the installation to the training for us in IT, our questions were always answered competently and quickly by the SoftVision employees. We just feel like we're in good hands."

The articles published here reflect the opinion of the customers of the SoftVision Development GmbH and not that of the SoftVision Development GmbH. The copyright for the contributions, as far as they are copyrightable, remains basically with the author, with the obvious restriction that the author gives the SoftVision Development GmbH the right to keep the contribution permanently on the internet pages of the SoftVision Development GmbH with the release of his contribution. However, any publication of the contributions by third parties requires the consent of the author.

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