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What modules of NotesToPaper are there?

NotesToPaper consists of six program parts:

NotesToPaper Easy is the classical end user tool of the NotesToPaper family. Dialog-controlled and intuitively useable, exactly as one expects modern reporting. NotesToPaper Easy enables users that have very little Notes knowledge to easily create reports - quick, simple and from any Notes database. NotesToPaper Easy enables the user to create printable reports in only three steps - simple, fast and without having to write any script.

NotesToPaper Setup (the development environment) is used to integrate reports into Notes databases as Notes documents. The Notes developer sets the required options and controls the reports behaviour via script programming. In addition, a basic layout is defined by using the layout editor, which is an integral part of NotesToPaper Setup (NotesToPaper Designer) and can later be accessed and edited by the (end-)user.

NotesToPaper Designer allows report layouts to be edited from within the Lotus Notes application. End-users may thus be given the right to edit reports. This part of the program allows a report to be edited, it will however not execute a report.

NotesToPaper Print is used to execute reports in order to e. g. present them via a preview or to convert them into other file formats (file export). This part of the program takes the report templates and the Notes data and creates a report file. If needed, these reports may be archived in order to be able to print or view them at any given time.

The NotesToPaper Viewer allows saved files, which have been created by NotesToPaper Print in its own proprietary file format, to be opened. This part of the program allows reports to be viewed or printed, will however not allow these reports to be changed in any way.

NotesToPaper PDF allows the conversion of reports that have been created using NotesToPaper Print into the PDF format. This export filter is used as a plug-in for NotesToPaper Print on the client or the server. Reports created using NotesToPaper Print may thus be viewed and printed without using NotesToPaper or Lotus Notes. The main advantage of NotesToPaper PDF is the transport of information to other platforms.

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