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NotesToPaper 8.0

  • NotesToPaper 64bit edition: NotesToPaper XLS Export now also available in the 64bit edition.
  • Due to the object icons you can now control all object types at a glance, and thus enable a clearly structured display of your project structures.
  • The graphics format PNG can now also be used as export format.
  • Top feature: The object "data graphics" allows you to create a visualization of data depending on the current value.
  • NotesToPaper now also supports the export format XHTML / CSS.
  • Top Feature: Through connection to our platform independent web service webPDF, all supported file formats (e. g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint) can now be converted via the new function "NTPAddAttachment".
  • In order that also protected archive files can be opened and handled, NotesToPaper allows you via the function "NTPSetOptionString" to deliver the corresponding passwords directly with the transfer.
  • File attachments can be added to the NotesToPaper report PDF/A compliant (ISO standard 19005:1-2005).
  • It is now possible to sign PDF documents digitally, i. e. sign or certify them electronically. By the use of an appropriate classification ("qualified electronic signature" or "advanced electronic signature") you can sign the documents in accordance with the legal framework, and therewith have the option to create e-invoices (electronic invoices).
  • With the new design schemes you always keep your corporate design colors to your guidelines, or automatically stay within your own color palettes.
  • A convenient assistant now simplifies the creation of automatic table of contents and indices.
  • Through the extension of the charting object a thumbnail preview is available now also directly in the chart dialog.
  • The precalc function allows an advance calculation of aggregate functions.
  • The new PDF object allows the integration of external PDF files.
  • Directly edit texts and tables: A simple click and you can format, create or delete contents as you like - quicker and more intuitive is impossible!
  • New barcode "Intelligent Mail (IMB)"
  • With the new chart types area, bubbles and the top feature Gantt chart you can visualize content even more impressive.
  • Through the full-text search function huge amounts of data can be scanned now directly in the preview on the basis of specific keywords.
  • With the new continuous zoom function the designing of NotesToPaper layouts becomes even more convenient.
  • Through an up-to-date pivot function column and line breaks can easily and quickly be performed now in the cross table object, without having to reconfigure them.
  • Due to the new object measuring instruments (gauges) values that are in relation to each other can be presented clearly arranged through a graphical display.
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