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What are the advantages when using NotesToPaper?

  • Dynamic Reporting
    NotesToPaper offers user independent reporting. The Notes developer receives a tool with which complex, powerful and dynamic reporting functionality can be integrated into any database. The end users on the other hand are given a tool to create reports simply and easily without deeper knowledge of Notes by means of a dialog-controlled user interface.
  • Optimized and complex print output
    NotesToPaper allows the individualized creation and design of precise reporting results that are pleasing to the eye (e. g. forms, letters, lists, statistics, etc.) by the use of different objects (text, table, barcode, chart, HTML, RichText). Precise positioning to the millimetre, layer-based and with the ability to use display conditions.
  • Reports independent of "screen design"
    NotesToPaper makes it possible to separate data input and print output, allowing the optimized form for each and every medium. Visual, object-oriented design of report layouts that work independently from the on-screen input and the design of the Notes forms.
  • Reduction of Notes administration and development costs
    Only the Notes developers, the smallest group in a company, require training. Users see a printer dialogue, a status bar and a preview, there is thus no need for user training. NotesToPaper can be included in standard installation and admin processes (e. g. system management software). Installation via simple Notes mechanisms (e. g. via script or via Notes mail) is possible, without restarting the machine or the Notes client. Especially designed for Notes - optimized for Notes use.
  • Lower print costs by "print on demand"
    NotesToPaper makes pre-printing via printing companies obsolete. Create and/or reproduce company forms to be printed on plain paper. Print the documents as required and ensure that printouts always contain up-to-date data.
  • Support of workflows
    NotesToPaper can be integrated directly into the workflow of any application and controlled accordingly. It works as a part of the application and not as an external program. Notes users stay in the "Notes world" - there is no need to access external applications.
  • Optimized integration for client and server
    NotesToPaper detects Client and Server automatically, without additional development effort. Integration in forms or views for the Notes client or in agents for server use. Supports web applications by integrating in agents and providing export functionality (PDF, HTML, XML, etc.)
  • Enforce CD and CI (central administration)
    Maintain templates centrally and prevent users from editing template documents. Only authorized employees or groups have access to the templates, thus enforcing CD and CI. Use Notes mechanisms to roll out enhanced templates, which are saved as Notes documents.
  • Increase user acceptance (e. g. WYSIWYG preview)
    The much improved print preview increases user acceptance. Users can finally see a true WYSIWYG preview and are no longer forced to switch applications for improved functionality. This reduces the introduction costs of any Notes application and noticeably decreases the actual costs during the production life-cycle.
  • New possibilities/ideas (e. g. PDF export)
    Create applications based on features and functionality previously unheard of. Native PDF creation/export, XML export and web-based reporting are just three out of numerous possibilities.
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