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NotesToPaper PDF

Install and forget - NotesToPaper PDF is installed as a plug-in for NotesToPaper and requires no additional configuration. NotesToPaper automatically detects the installed export filters and makes these available via script programming. This add-on export filter is an addition to the standard export filters of NotesToPaper (RTF, HTML, XML, ...) and provides an additional option to distribute reports and to use reports in other applications or on other platforms.

Report conversion without a printer - The export filter can convert any NotesToPaper report to the PDF format. No printer or additional software is needed in order to be able to convert the reports, as the PDFs are created as native PDF files.

Control the PDF file - The printer / the export filter is accessed and controlled via the "built in" export interface of NotesToPaper. This interface (script programming) allows full control and access to the created PDF file. No problem to e.g. dynamically set the file name or define a range of options for the PDF file (see below).

Client or server - NotesToPaper PDF makes both possible. By integrating NotesToPaper reports into an agent, it is possible e.g. to perform server based PDF conversions and to distribute the created files by eMail. Create web-based applications which are "NotesToPaper enabled" to generate reports on demand which are passed to the user as PDF's.

The best of many worlds - The PDF file format is ideally suited to allow "other worlds" the access to NotesToPaper reports and the data contained therein. Create your sales reports by using NotesToPaper and convert these to PDF format to allow viewing on Linux or PDA systems. A viewer to allow access to your reports can be found for almost every platform.

The options in detail - below you will find a list of the possible settings/options for NotesToPaper PDF. These options may be set dynamically via script programming at runtime individually for every PDF.


  • Supports NotesToPaper versions 2.0+
  • Exports individual or all pages
  • Launches the viewer automatically


  • No installation of a printer (driver) is necessary
  • The manual installation consists of only 2 DLL's
  • The entire configuration may be set via Lotus Script programming


  • Define the zoom mode: horizontal, vertical or fit to page
  • Define the page mode: show full screen, thumbnails and page outline

Font embedding

  • Complete or partial font embedding
  • Conditional font embedding
  • Embedding of standard fonts

Document settings

  • Title and subject
  • Author and "created with"
  • Keywords


  • 40bit and 128bit encryption
  • Owner (admin) and user password
  • Security flags (printing, editing, copying, form fields)


  • Content compression (text)
  • Setting the JPEG quality: a total of 5 steps

Paper formats

  • Automatic detection of the paper size
  • Paper orientation "portrait" and "landscape"
  • Manual definition of paper format and margins
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