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NotesToPaper Version 6.0 - Your sixth sense in print

The new version 6.0 of NotesToPaper reflects our sense for our customers' requirements.

End-user module

NotesToPaper Easy is the classical end user tool of the NotesToPaper family. Dialog-controlled and intuitively useable, exactly as one expects modern reporting. NotesToPaper Easy enables users that have very little Notes knowledge to easily create reports - quick, simple and from any Notes database.


NotesToPaper is now also well-established in the international market. Thanks to the new unicode function, contents e. g. in Japanese, Russian or Greek can be displayed now.

Chart module

Often requested and now finally available. The "rendering engine" of the chart module was renewed completely and now offers - besides various new chart types - many detail improvements. We can let pie charts "explode" or "dazzle" you with color gradients. There are a lot of innovations to discover!

Crosstab tables

The new crosstab tables give you the ability to wrap up a great quantity of data simply and quickly. It shows the connections, which can conventionally be displayed in multiple tables only. "How do the product sales split up on each year, how on each country?".

Table dialog

The central tool of NotesToPaper was functionally extended in many respects. All row definitions are now displayed clearly in a hierarchic structure. This is not just a visual advantage, but also a practical one. Changes can be made in multiple definitions at the same time or whole definitions can just be copied via "copy&paste".

To work with NotesToPaper 6.0 means to discover details - as its strength is in the detail!


The NotesToPaper preview has a new appearance with an "ad-hoc" display and a presentation mode. Never wait for the display of large reports again, but enjoy the pratical full-screen presentation mode already after the first pages, including the slide animations. Multi-column tables, paragraphs with display conditions,...

... in short - there is a lot to discover!

All new features of NotesToPaper 6.0 are listed on the following individual pages:

 NotesToPaper Easy
 NotesToPaper Setup/Designer
 NotesToPaper Print
 NotesToPaper Viewer

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