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Improvements in NotesToPaper Setup and NotesToPaper Designer 6.0

  • Project properties now as a property window directly in the workspace, instead of under Project > Settings
  • New property "Minimum number of pages" for a project
  • Display conditions for text passages and table columns
  • Fully revised table dialog; "unlimited" lines definition, everything at a glance in new tree structure
  • Properties of several table lines can be changed simultaneously
  • Report containers can have several columns
  • Support for free content in tables
  • Fully revised chart dialog, formulas for chart properties
  • Revised function wizard
  • Revised print options dialog
  • Expanded break options for crosstab tables
  • New options for text objects: always break text, ideal text fit
  • New options for text fields in tables: always use fixed height
  • New designer functions Exists(), Evaluate(), GetValue()
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