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What is NotesToPaper?

A printing tool...

... for formatted and controlled output of Notes data on paper
The separation of the screen design and output formats is an important requirement, which has to be met by state-of-the-art applications. The optimized data input is an essential part of modern (office-) applications, as is the ability to provide structured output, analyse data and export data. Modern, complex applications, which are to be used in varying environments (client, server, web), are not only expected to create paper output, but have to be able to communicate with other applications (data exchange). Plattform independant formats, such as PDF, XML or RTF, are essential standards for NotesToPaper. CI and CD comform output, which may be controlled by the application, as well as by the user is the end result. Retain flexibilty, yet adhere to rules, regulations and guidelines - NotesToPaper provides both!

A solution...

...specifically developed for Lotus Notes/Domino
NotesToPaper provides an optimum of support for the Notes client and the Domino server workflows. No matter, what the requirement may be, if NotesToPaper is to be integrated to an Intra-, Extra- or Internet application, NotesToPaper can be flexibly adapted to any requirement. NotesToPaper becomes an integral, invisible part of the application and much improves user acceptance. The direct integration is just as important as is the simple installation. The use of standard Notes mechanisms, such as replication, goes without saying and clearly indicates the concept and direction of NotesToPaper.

A toolbox...

... for Notes developers to enhance LotusScript programming
The requirements demanded of applications are often impossible for Notes application developers and designers to meet. The limits of an application seem to be set by the limitations of the development environment and do not always correspond with users demands. "Expand the limits" is the motto. NotesToPaper is, based on known and proven concepts, the tool to break these barriers. The application developer now has the option to increase the acceptance of a potential user base and in addition can now implement new concepts and realize new ideas.

The application... need
NotesToPaper is a tool for the Notes database-developer, at the same time the right product for Notes users. NotesToPaper can be installed on a client, just as on a Domino server. NotesToPaper provides you with added printing- and reporting power in your Notes environment, but can also be used for web-based Notes development. NotesToPaper can make printing easy and can also make your Notes data available in many other file formats to make your data more accessible. NotesToPaper is powerful... and simple. You decide how you want to use it to the maximum effect, NotesToPaper simply offers you all the options you need.

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