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Improvements in NotesToPaper Designer 5.0

  • Aggregation functions: new statistic functions such as sum, max, min, etc.
  • All content in table cells can now be rotated
  • Supports page "x of y" without 2-pass-technology
  • Conditional page breaks of group headers and footers possible
  • New format editor: desired formatting can be set easier and faster
  • Improved project wizard: row definitions can be set easier and faster
  • New border editor
  • Enhanced dialogue for extended row definitions: individual row definitions can be hidden in the designer
  • New ruler functionality to position column separators
  • Redesign of the table object - clear and easy settings for multi-table-layout
  • Updated tree view icons
  • Properties that are common to multiple objects can be edited at once
  • Position dialogue for artificial lines with precise positioning objects
  • Formula-controlled change of fonts
  • New function to check the fill level of the table
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