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About NotesToPaper

In order to extend the Lotus Notes print capabilities a user normally has to utilize external tools. Seen through the eyes of the end-user this means leaving the Notes application, thus disrupting the normal work-flow. This creates room for error and usually necessitates additional training and administration, thus increases costs.

The definition of the most diverse layout-requirements aside, many users ask for working print previews in addition to query-, sort- and calculatory-functions to reduce the workload. NotesToPaper can be used for a multitude of purposes. Complex forms such as e. g. customized calendars, lists of all sorts, labels, letters, serial letters, envelopes, containing things like barcodes, graphics, plain and preformatted text and many more, no longer present a problem. Need to be able to print to existing preprinted forms? No problem! But reports do not only have to be printed, but also have to be returned to Notes, sent via Notes Mail or viewed via the Web. NotesToPaper offers all that and more.

NotesToPaper will match your requirements perfectly and will integrate just as you need it to. Use standardized scripts for the integration to new or existing Notes applications or provide your users with a simple, intuitive interface for immediate access to additional printing or export functionality.