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The printing solution for Notes and Domino

NotesToPaper ... print the way you want.

NotesToPaper is the perfect printing tool for the formatted and controlled output of data on paper and the creation of electronic documents and reports.

NotesToPaper allows a Notes developer to integrate both printing (e. g. lists, labels, invoices, letters, form letters and forms) and reporting functionalities (e. g. PDF, XML, DOC, RTF, XLS) directly into any Domino application – and puts an end to Notes and Domino’s limited printing capabilities.

Whether you need to quickly and easily print views of a Domino application or want the comprehensive functionality for creating cross-database reports, you’ll have access to powerful printing and reporting features right from the Notes front end - without having to use any external software.

Using a Notes client or a Domino server? Now you can enjoy the maximum in user interaction on the Notes client or automate your processes on the Domino server. Stable operation and high performance are the hallmarks of NotesToPaper.

Whether as an “out-of-the-box” solution for end users or an API for Domino developers, NotesToPaper is always available, just the way you need it.

Learn more about NotesToPaper and its technical details or take a look at customer projects and online presentations.