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Flexibility for the developer

As simple as possible for the end user, as flexible as possible for the developer. That is the way NotesToPaper works.

Whereas NotesToPaper Easy offers "one-click" report creation for the end-user, NotesToPaper provides a complex command set for report definition and integration for a developer - full process control by Lotus Script programming or dynamic report generation at runtime.

The basic motto of the product is:

"As simple as possible for the end user, as powerful as is required for the developer."

With NotesToPaper Setup the developer integrates the reporting function into any Notes database and creates a first basic layout. With NotesToPaper Print it is possible to control this layout, fill it with data and finally print or export it. If required, the developer can outsource the fine grinding to the end user and provide it in the NotesToPaper Designer. The NotesToPaper Viewer is able to display the final reports at any time, while NotesToPaper PDF offers the export into a standardized file format.

Its integration into existing and new applications is no problem thanks to this incorporation into the script language and the use of existing and familiar Lotus Notes concepts. The sample databases also provide you with a number of scripts that, with some minor modifications, can be quickly employed in other applications and which show you various ways and means of integrating NotesToPaper.

Client- and server integration

NotesToPaper can be integrated wherever in your Notes landscape you can integrate Lotus Scripts. The best way is to simply create a script library that may then be accessed e.g. by providing a button in a view for the clients to use. This example would allow a user to press the button in the view and that will start the PDF creation. Agents may also be run on the client.

The agent technology is most suited when using NotesToPaper in a server based integration. These agents may be e.g. scheduled agents and can automatically create PDF files. A web integration via web agents can also be accomplished like this.